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PERFORMER Carsten Morar-Haffke
DEBUT 2007

Wolf vom Wörtersee is a green wolf with a strong Italian accent who lives in a hut by the Wörtersee ("Words-Lake," as the title of the segment is a pun on the show "Das Schloss am Wörthersee" about a castle located nearby famous Austrian lake Wörthersee).

Introduced on Sesamstrasse in 2007, Wolf stars in a recurring series of thirteen, four-minute segments. He is an avid skateboarder and loves spaghetti with tomato sauce, and often converses with the lake's Wörterfee (a "word fairy" living in the lake, played by Felicitas Woll).

The "Wolf vom Wörtersee" segments focus primarily on the alphabet and words.

The same puppet was later used for Wolf on Eine Möhre für Zwei, and on Sesame Street's Homelamb.


Picture Summary / EKA Description
The World's Largest Word
Folge 2443
The Wörterfee has a problem: She is supposed to present the world's longest word at a conference, but she does not know the world's longest word. The Wolf suggests a few words but they are not very long, so he then promises that he will go and search for the word. He asks his two friends for help, to find a word longer than skateboard, so they suggest the word skateboard-wheels and as they continue to talk the word just keeps growing to skateboard-wheel-oil-rag-washing machine-washing powder-can-shelf. Wolf hurries back to say the word to the Wörterfee, however on his way back he forgets the word. Just as the Wörterfee has given up hope for the longest word in the world, Wolf's skateboard wheels make a noise and she tells him that she thinks she has a can of oil on her skateboard-wheel-oil-rag-washing machine-washing powder-can-shelf. Then she realizes that she just found the word, and she thanks Wolf for bringing it to her.
The Missing I
Folge 2444
The Wolf vom Wörtersee is making spaghetti and tomato sauce; however, he does not notice the letter "I" that he accidentally places in the sauce. The Wörterfee appears and asks the Wolf if he can help her locate her missing "I", but just then Wolf tastes his sauce and by coincidence eats the "I", and as a result he can only say words that contain "I's". They try to scare him and hang him upside down with no effect. They then suggest that he eat letter biscuits except the "I", but he refuses and returns to the lake. Were the Wörterfee realizes that he has eaten the letter, she does some magic and the I leaves Wolf. The Wörterfee then asks him if he has seen a "U", but Wolf doesn't care; he is hungry and wants to eat his spaghetti; however, the "U" is in his spaghetti.
Tounge Twister
Folge 2448
The Wörterfee doesn't have time for Wolf; she's talking to a good fish friend on her cell phone, who is good at making up tongue twisters. Wolf goes to his friends to ask them if they have a pair of tongue twisters. They tell him it's not a tool, but actually a sentence that is hard to say. They come up with a tongue twister that he can tell the Wörterfee. They then have a conversation using tongue twisters.
The Wand
Folge 2450
Wolf vom Wörtersee calls the Wörterfee so she can see the mess around the lake. Unfortunately, she has lost her wand so she can't magically get rid of all the garbage, so she wants Wolf to do something about it so that the lake area can be cleaned. Wolf tells her that he can use magic to clean it up, but she doesn't believe he will be able to do it, so she goes to find her wand. As Wolf tries to find a spell in his book that will work, he discovers a black wand on the ground. Two kids come by just as he finds a spell that he tries to cast. He is surprised that it actually worked, and the Wörterfee is impressed at first, but then she notices that he is holding her wand. He gives her the wand and goes to his shed to take a nap; after all, magic can really make you tired. It turns out that his shed is full of garbage.
Folge 2451
It's the Wörterfee's birthday, but the Wolf vom Wörtersee has completely forgotten about it and he is going to another friend's birthday today. Wolf decides that he has to find a gift for her, and he quickly leaves to go to his other appointment. He asks his two friends if they have an idea for what he could give the Wörterfee. Together they compose a birthday rap for her. Back at the lake, Wolf sings the rap to the Wörterfee, and she loves the gift. Wolf has even brought a piece of birthday cake for her.
Can't Sleep
Folge 2452
The Wolf vom Wörtersee can't sleep, so he asks the Wörterfee for advice. She tries to help him with a rhyme and lullaby but none of it works. The wolf then asks his two friends for advice. They suggest that he count spaghetti and he likes that idea. He goes back to the lake and begins to count, but shortly afterwards, the pack is empty. He once again asks the Wörterfee for advice. She suggests that he say the alphabet slowly, but he can't remember it correctly. When the Wörterfee demonstrates he falls asleep, but now she can't go back to sleep.
Folge 2453
The Wolf vom Wörtersee calls the Wörterfee to tell her that he will be arranging a concert for her. To prepare for the concert he eats some spaghetti, but then he ends up having voice problems, so he tries to find out how to solve it with help from some kids. They tell him he has a frog in his throat, so Wolf decides to hold up a glass with flies in it so that the frog will come up into his mouth to eat the flies; however, the flies fly into his mouth. The kids explain that he does not have a real frog in his throat. But it is too late, so Wolf hurries back to the Wörterfee. He tells her about his throat problem, and after she asks him what caused the problem he coughs up some of the spaghetti and is now able to sing again. However, the Wörterfee thinks he sang better with the frog in his throat.
The Golden Letters
Folge 2454
The Wörterfee has entrusted Wolf vom Wörtersee with her collection of golden letters, which he must take to the bank. However, he rests it on a park "bank" (bench). The Wörterfee is shocked that he misinterpreted her and he assures her he'll get it to a bank. With the help of two kids, he takes the letters to the bank, making more misinterpretations along the way.
Folge 2455
The Wörterfee asks Wolf vom Wörtersee for his help. It seems that the lake is losing water, due to the fact that the lake's stopper is missing. Wolf tries to figure out what a stopper is. He finds a weird round thing on a chain near the lake, but since he doesn't know what it is he throws it away. With the help of his friends he tries to figure out how to stop the water. He decides that the right thing to do is to build a submarine. When the submarine is finished, he once again notices the weird round thing on a chain. He decides that it would make a great submarine captain amulet. However, as he is about to put the submarine in the water, it falls apart. The Wörterfee reappears, notices the stopper around Wolf's neck, and thanks him for saving the lake.
Meal of Letters
Folge 2456
Wolf wants to make dinner for the Wörterfee: spaghetti with tomato sauce. However, the Wörterfee would like something else, so she challenges him to come up with a dish that begins with "B"-- after all, it's her favorite letter. Wolf goes shopping with his two friends and they find many things that start with "B", but Wolf can only find things that remind him of spaghetti. Finally, he finds something he can use and hurries home. It turns out that he found some Bandnudeln (Tagliatelle), so he serves it to the Wörterfee with tomato sauce.
Folge 2458
The Wörterfee does some exercises and she thinks her fitness trainer looks so good with all of his muscles. The Wolf vom Wörtersee wants to train his muscles, but how does he do it? He asks his two friends for advice for how to train his muscles, so they show him various exercises. After a good exercise, he returns to the lake to show off his muscles, but now the Wörterfee has started on Yoga instead. She thinks her Yoga trainer is impressive-- after all, he can sleep on a bed of nails.
Folge 2498
The Wolf vom Wörtersee drops some trash in the lake by accident, and the Wörterfee asks him if he knows who did it and he says no. The Wörterfee suspects that Wolf is lying, so she tells him that if he lies his legs will get shorter. Wolf gets very worried that his legs will get shorter, so he does what he can to get the trash out, but he just ends up with more stuff in the water. When the fairy returns, Wolf confesses that it was him and pleads her not to give him short legs. She informs him that it's just an expression, so Wolf is happy to keep his current legs.
Opposite of Thirsty
Folge 2505
The Wörterfee has an assignment to find the opposite of the word "durstig" (thirsty), so the Wolf vom Wörtersee tries to help and he asks his two friends for advice. They can't really come up with anything, so they decide to drink all the sodas they can, and then they might be able to feel the word. But that does not help either. Wolf thinks that he needs to drink more, but they have run out of sodas, but then he remembers that he has one more bottle at the lake. After he drinks the last one the Wörterfee appears again. He tells her that he is no longer thirsty, but he has not found the word yet. She tells him that the fairy council has made a mistake--there is no opposite word for thirsty, instead they have given her a new assignment: she has to find the best soda, and she has already lined a bunch of sodas up for Wolf to drink.

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