DEBUT 1989
DESIGN Richard Termine
Telly and Wolfgang

Telly Monster and Wolfgang


Wolfgang in Muppet Sherlock Holmes

Wolfgang the Seal is an excitable seal on Sesame Street, who communicates through a series of barks.

Wolfgang has a great affinity for fish. If he so much as hears the word "fish," he is apt to go into a frenzy, so other characters avoid saying the word in his presence.

He has appeared on Sesame Street since Season 21. In his early years he was owned by Uncle Wally, who taught the seal how to play a series of horns with his nose.

He also appeared in the special Sesame Street Stays Up Late, where he balanced a beach ball (representing Times Square's annual New Year's Eve custom of lowering a large crystalline ball on top of a building) on his nose. So as the countdown reaches zero, he threw the ball up in the air in slow motion with his nose.

His birthday is December 23rd.

Wolfgang made an illustrated cameo in the first part of Muppet Sherlock Holmes, where Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker, working for Moriarty Masonry ("That's mason jars, not bricks, mind you,") have created the perfect seal for their jars. That perfect seal is Wolfgang, who seals the jars of preserves perfectly.

The Wolfgang puppet was later used as another seal character named Rollie in episode 4722.

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