Miscellaneous Wolle and Pferd sketches from Sesamstrasse.

Picture Episode Description
Folge2515-9 2202 Wolle wonders how it would be like if he were Pferd, and the other way around. Pferd tells him that it would be like talking old Chinese. He then says a few things in Chinese. Wolle asks him what it means, and Pferd says he doesn't know and goes back to sleep. Wolle concludes he is happy being himself.
Folge2235-4 2235 Wolle and Pferd are naming Wolle's new spaceship the "Star Sheep 2." Wolle has hung a bottle of lemonade on the side of the ship that Pferd has to sling toward the ship in order to christen it properly. However when the bottle hits the spaceship, it falls over.
Folge2297-8 2297 Wolle and Pferd play that they are on a TV show, called "Deutschland sucht die Super Show" ("Germany's search for the super show"), with Pferd as the host and Wolle as the guest. Wolle has to show that he is great at something, and claims that he is the best at rhyming. However it turns out that he can't do it that well, so Pferd says goodbye to Wolle and closes the show with a rhyme.
Folge2299-6 2299 Wolle hosts the talk show "Wolle am Mittag" ("Wolle at noon") with Pferd as his guest, who claims to be able to turn invisible. It turns out that Pferd just covered his eyes, while claiming to be invisible. Wolle attempts to convince Pferd that he is still visible, and demonstrates invisibility by hiding under the table. Pferd is impressed by Wolle's skills as he can still hear him, but not see him.
Folge2301-12 2301 Wolle hosts the news and attempts to interview the underwater reporter Pferd who is on location in the North Sea where the world's smallest fish has apparently been discovered. Though unfortunately, Wolle isn't able to understand anything that Pferd is saying underwater.
Folge2326-6 2326 Pirate captain Wolle is stranded out on the sea without any wind; any food and water is gone, the crew is dead and circling around the ship is a shark. The captain yells for help. But then he gets the idea of capturing the shark for food. Pferd pops up; he played the shark; saying that he would love to play catch, and runs off.
Folge2327-5 2327 Pferd introduces Wolle, who will jump down from a high pole into a bucket of water. After Pferd approves of Wolle's jump, he gets thirsty and drinks from the bucket.
Folge2330-8 2330 Cowboy Wolle will attempt to capture a wild horse with his lasso. But he's got a problem with his aim and ends up capturing himself.
Folge2331-5 2331 Wolle and Pferd are playing Snow White, with Wolle portraying the queen and Pferd as the magic mirror. The queen asks the mirror who is the most beautiful in all the land. The mirror replies that he thinks that Caro is looking quite good, Finchen also looks quite good, and Tiffy has some beautiful feathers on her head, not to mention Samson and his beautiful brown fur, and Rumpel and his grouchy eyebrows. While the mirror continues to mention people, the queen just leaves.
Folge2458-9 2458 Wolle and Pferd have gone to bed, but Pferd can't go to sleep right away since he has to say goodnight to everyone and everything. At sunrise Pferd has just finished saying goodnight, though before he can go to sleep, Wolle wakes up and wishes Pferd a good morning. He then starts over by saying good morning to everyone and everything.
Folge2492-10 2492 Wolle apologizes for interrupting the regular Sesamstrasse program for a special report: Pferd comes in live from the coldest place in the world, which has just been discovered. However, Pferd is so freezing cold that he's unable to speak.
Folge2493-8 2493 Pferd and Wolle sing a parody of the popular Eurovision Song Contest winning tune "Ein bißchen Frieden" (A Little Peace) from 1982.
Folge2499-3 2499 Pferd can't sleep, so he wakes up Wolle. It turns out that Pferd dreamed that he was an enchanted prince, and if someone kissed him he would be turned back into the prince. So he wants Wolle to kiss him, just in case. Wolle finally agrees to do it, but nothing happens. Pferd thanks him for the goodnight kiss, and both go back to sleep.
Folge2503-9 2503 The starship "Sternenwolle 1" is going to explore space, where no sheep has gone before. But before captain Wolle is ready for take off, he has to complete one more task. He tells Pferd that no matter what happens while he's gone, Pferd is not allowed to push the big red button. However, Pferd is having difficulties resisting the temptation, and just as Wolle returns, Pferd hits the button and "Sternenwolle 1" tips over. Before Pferd leaves, he wishes Wolle a good trip.
Folge2509-9 2509 Today's topic on "Wolle am Mittag" ("Wolle at noon") is "My friend doesn't have an opinion," with Pferd guesting on the talk show. Unfortunately, he doesn't have an opinion about the subject.
Folge2512-6 2512 Wolle apologizes for interrupting the regular Sesamstrasse program for a special report: Pferd reports from the darkest place in the world. Wolle asks Pferd what the place looks like, but Pferd can't really tell since it's just too dark to see anything.
Folge2513-8 2513 Pirate captain Wolle orders his deck hand Pferd to climb the mast and set the sails. But Pferd refuses to do anything before he gets a lunch break. At first, Wolle objects; after all the first lunch break was just 5 minutes ago. But he ends up letting Pferd take another break. After Pferd ate, captain Wolle once again orders him up the mast to set the sails. Pferd objects again, as he can't climb the mast on a full stomach, so instead he takes a nap.

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