Written by Carol Hall and Sam Pottle
Date 1974
Publisher Sesame Street, Inc.
First Episode 0773
Sesame Street Women Can Be

Sesame Street Women Can Be

"Women Can Be" is a Sesame Street song about the many careers that women can pursue. Three of them place a spotlight on their own personal stories of success with the medical field, the circus, and rocket science. Other opportunities expressed include everything from an alligator hunter to an office clerk, a police officer to a clown college graduate, a mountain climber to a lumberjack, and a published author to a soda jerk.

The chorus of women is made up of Teresa, Margaret, an astronaut, a telephone operator, and Betty Lou. They are joined by other Anything Muppets to proclaim "there's nothing we women can't be."

The song was also featured in the 1993 Sesame Street Live show When I Grow Up, performed by Prairie Dawn (considering becoming a lion tamer) and other female Muppets.


  • Chorus singers include Marilyn Sokol, Carol Hall, Jane Henson, and Rita Moreno.[1] The characters are puppeteered to a pre-recorded vocal track as evidenced by the fact that several women have the same voice, some voices change, and the synch is noticeably off during a few key lines. As such, no one particular character has a designated performer.


  1. The song was included in a TV show called Portrait of a Family. The episode "When I Grow Up" (#103) discussed gender roles in the family and used a clip from the song as an example. The end credits include the segment's performers and director (Jon Stone).

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