Wonderful copenhagen
Written by Frank Loesser
Date 1952
Source Hans Christian Andersen (film)

"Wonderful Copenhagen" is a song from Frank Loesser's score for the musical film Hans Christian Andersen, in which it was performed by the film's star, Danny Kaye.

In episode 301 of The Muppet Show, Statler and Waldorf perform a brief snippet of the song after Kris Kristofferson and Miss Piggy's duet on "Help Me Make It Through the Night." In uncharacteristic fashion, Waldorf exclaims "Wonderful!" from his perch in the pair's box. Statler echoes the sentiment: "Wonderful!" The two then sing together "Copenhagen," undermining the sincerity of their previous laudatory remarks.

A cover of the song, and its reprise, are performed by the John McCarthy Singers and London's National Philharmonic Orchestra on the 1982 album Big Bird presents Hans Christian Andersen.

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