Date 1979

As Sesame Street Episode 1246 opens, Big Bird is looking for someone to play with. He stops by Hooper's Store, but Mr. Hooper says he's very busy. David is also busy, on his way to take an exam, and Susan is on her way to work at the hospital.

Olivia catches up with Big Bird at his nest and asks him what wrong. Big Bird sighs, "I'm nobody, that's all." He's upset that he doesn't do anything, when everyone else has something to do. Olivia assures him that he has plenty to do, and sings that it's "Wonderful to Be You" citing his face in the mirror and the thoughts in his mind as evidence that he's one of a kind.

Big Bird becomes convinced that he's got a job to do, and that he is indeed somebody. Olivia gives him the time, and Big Bird realizes that he's going to be really busy playing with the kids in the courtyard.