A map of Woodland Valley

Woodland Valley is the area/village in which events on the show Bear in the Big Blue House are situated. The Big Blue House is the main landmark, but there is also a general store, post office, mall, library, movie theater, mouse school, and many other locations. Many of these are not seen (or not seen in much detail) until the fourth season of the program.

In "History, Herstory, Bearstory," Jeremiah Tortoise reveals that his great-grandfather Hepahestus Tortoise was the town's first settler. He shows detectives Ojo and Tutter a passage from Hepahestus' journal, dated May 12th, 1802, telling how he fell upon the valley (literally). He initially decided to call it Who'd Have Thought I Would Land in This Valley Valley, but decided it was too long and changed it to Would Land Valley. Jeremiah says he's been trying to get the official spelling changed for years.

Sequoia City is a neighboring town of Woodland Valley, and Muskratville is also nearby.

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