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PERFORMER Richard Hunt
DEBUT 1978

Woodrow Woodpecker is a character prominently featured in Episode 1120 of Sesame Street.

Speaking with a thick Southern accent, Woodrow took part in a bird-exchange program where he visits Big Bird on Sesame Street to see how city birds live. He finds life very different, at one point confusing a trash can for a stump. He inadvertedly makes Big Bird's life miserable during his stay when he tries to teach Big Bird how woodpeckers live. When Big Bird gives it a try, he ends up with multiple injuries and property damage via Woodrow's constant pecking.

The Woodrow puppet has a unique feature that can replace his straight, rigid beak with a crumpled one (as when pecking on metal cans). The puppet would resurface several times throughout Sesame Street, including as part of the All Animal Orchestra that performs the "Italian Street Song" with conductor Seiji Ozawa in an episode of Pretty Great Performances. He is also used as Elwood for The Furchester Hotel episode "Peckity Woodpecker," and is one of the many characters seen during the "Rainbow Connection" finale in The Muppet Movie.

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