Written by Tony Geiss
Date 1994
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.
Ephemeral Music Co.

"Worm Soliloquy" is a Sesame Street song from Episode 3307.

Dusty, Slimey's father, sings the song (inside his head) as he flies back to Sesame Street. Since his wife, Eartha, is about to give birth, he muses about what the new child will be like. He imagines having a talented son named Jim or an equally talented, brave daughter named Beatrice (whom he calls "Bea" for short).

The song spoofs "Soliloquy" from the musical Carousel. It also features a sample of "You'll Never Walk Alone," a song from the same musical. Dusty's vocals are provided by John Raitt, who originated the role of Billy Bigelow in the Broadway musical.