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Written by Joe Raposo
Date 1971
Publisher Green Fox Music Inc.
Jonico Music, Inc.
First Episode 0364

Buy an O.jpg

"Would You Like to Buy an O?" is a Sesame Street song sung by Lefty the Salesman, who attempts to sell an O to Ernie.

The song was selected as the "Best Sesame Street Letter Song" by the Onion A.V. Club" in its "First Annual Absolute Best Issue."


  • In the German version of the song, titled "Hallo, wie wΓ€r's mit einem O?" ("Hello, How About An O?"), Lefty's lyrics at 0:45 are changed not only for rhyming's sake, but for comedic purposes also. "So buy the O, and take it home tonight" turns into "Nun kauf schon, und schenk es Deiner Frau!," which translates to "Come buy it, and give it to your wife," to which Ernie quickly asks: "Bert?".
  • Although the CD release of Sing the Alphabet contains dialogue spoken by Ernie as part of the track, on the original LP release, this dialogue was actually spoken at the conclusion of "The Noodle Story", as a prompt to turn the record over.