Written by Jon Stone
Illustrator Mike Smollin
Published 1976
Publisher Random House
Series A Random House PICTUREBACK Book
ISBN 0394832922

Would You Like to Play Hide & Seek in This Book with Lovable, Furry Old Grover? is a Sesame Street book in which Grover's invitation to play a social game becomes a case study of Grover's emotional range and how he reacts under pressure. As in the similar The Monster at the End of This Book from the same author and illustrator team, the book also explores the boundaries of the printed page as Grover almost literally breaks the fourth wall by not only addressing the reader but clawing and tearing at pages.

Grover invites the reader to play a game of hide and seek with him. Grover soon discovers that the confines of the book offer limited hiding room. He tries different corners, attempts camouflage (by painting the pages blue), and creates a blind with "lots of these funny white balloons with words in them." Some of these words include "popcorn," Mr. Greenjeans, "Hey, Froggy Babeeee!" and "What's the Name of That Song?" Grover finally decides to place the matter on an emotional basis, pleading with the reader to humor their furry lovable friend, to avoid shattering his psyche by spotting him.

Other books using comic-book elements and direct reader address include Grover and the Everything in the Whole Wide World Museum (1974), Oscar's Book (1975), Big Bird's Red Book (1977) and Lovable Furry Old Grover's Resting Places (1984).


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