X-Play is a video game review show on G4 hosted by Adam Sesler and Morgan Webb. During their reviews, they make many pop-culture references, including Muppet ones.

Muppet Mentions

  • "X-Play the Musical": When Billy the Newspaper Boy gets sick, he reassures Adam and Morgan, claiming he's okay. Adam comments "That's what Jim Henson said!"
  • In a review for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Adam comments that the faulty camera movements in the game make him feel like Grover, going "near, far, near, far".
  • In their review for "Driver '76", among the things Adam lists that happened in 1976 are that a "A frog with a hand up his ass hosted his own prime-time puppet show."
  • In the March 23, 2011 show, among the games featured during the Microsoft game event in San Fransisco segment is Once Upon a Monster.
  • In a November 2011 episode, Adam Sesler lists Once Upon a Monster among family games to buy for the holiday season.

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