Yamaha All Access summer 2011 issue 22

Yamaha All Access is a magazine published since 2001 by Yamaha Corporation, known for their musical instruments (particularly pianos), as well as motorcycles, electronics, and other power equipment.

The summer 2011 issue (#22) featured an interview with Rowlf the Dog in connection with The Muppets Sweepstakes, promoting The Muppets.

Rowlf discusses the beginning of his career on The Jimmy Dean Show, exchanging Christmas cards with Lassie, teaching himself how to play piano, names Poochini as a favorite composer, and says his favorite Muppet Show guests were Liberace, Victor Borge, and Elton John. When asked about his album, Ol' Brown Ears Is Back, he says he's ready to go back into the studio again to record another one anytime.

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