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Ydra taking care of a young Kira.

Ydra is the foster mother of Kira in The Dark Crystal. The old kindly podling is shocked and delighted to see Jen as she, and the rest of the world, had assumed only one Gelfling had survived. Ydra excitedly welcomed Jen into the village and made him sit as the guest of honor at the poddlings' celebration. Ydra dragged a bashful Jen onto the dance floor; with Ydra's guidance Jen quickly loosens up and joins in the poddling dance.

When the Garthim attack the poddling village, Ydra is captured and tossed into their sacks to be taken to the castle. Jen sees Ydra screaming for help in the sacks of the Garthim when the Gelflings and Landstriders battle outside the castle. He attempts to free her, but is unsuccessful.

When in the castle Kira encounters the captive Ydra only to find that her foster mother's essence has been drained; the once cheerful and merry poddling that she loved had become nothing but an expressionless slave. Kira is saddened and shocked, but once the crystal is healed and the urSkeks rejoined, the poddling slaves, including Ydra, are freed and return to their regular selves again.

While Ydra's name is not given in the film itself, she is named and described in detail in the film's novelization, The Tale of the Dark Crystal, and The World of the Dark Crystal.

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