Release Date 1995
Produced by Jim Henson Video
Format VHS

Yes, I Can is a direct-to-video series starring Kermit the Frog and Robin, framing episodes of Muppet Babies. Released in 1995 under the "Jim Henson's Preschool Collection" line, each video features an original story with Kermit and Robin, as well as two episodes from the cartoon. In the framing material, Robin is seen struggling with an ethical problem of some kind while Kermit provides guidance for him, using the episodes as visual anecdotes.



  • Both Yes, I Can Help and Yes, I Can Learn were released with a flip-book video case and sticker set for decorating. Help’s case contained an illustration of the bathroom, and Learn’s case contained the Nursery.
  • Yes, I Can Be a Friend was included in Walt Disney Home Video's "Bright Beginnings" video line, and came with an activity booklet and limited edition placemat.



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