Written by Irving Berlin
Date 1950
Source Call Me Madam (musical)
Publisher Warner Chapell Music Ltd.

"You're Just in Love" is a classic musical duet in which one character complains of the typical "ills" that befall a person in love (such as being unable to eat or sleep), while the other responds with some common-sense advice: "You're not sick, you're just in love!"

The Muppet Show

In episode 122, the song was part of a medley of Ethel Merman's greatest hits. Uncle Deadly sings, "I hear singing and there's no one there," and Ethel retorts, "You would!"

Cleo Laine and the Swedish Chef sing the complete duet in episode 216, as Cleo asks the Chef for emotional advice.

Other uses

  • On a 1965 episode of Al Hirt's variety show, Fanfare, a Two-Headed Muppet Monster sang "You're Just in Love", with slightly altered lyrics: "I keep tossing in his sleep at night -- and what's more, I've lost his appetite!"

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