Music by Michael Colicchio
Lyrics by Emily Perl Kingsley
Date 1980
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.

"You Are What You Eat" is a Sesame Street song from episode 1452.

Oscar the Grouch wonders what he'll have for lunch, but decides it won't matter what he eats. Gilbert and Sullivan appear with an operatic medley with the cast to show him the different foods he should try.

Gordon and Susan sing about meats from their kitchen. Big Bird points out the different vegetables at his nest. Mr. Macintosh sings a brief ballad of the fruits he sells on his cart. From the Fix-It Shop, Luis and Bob sing about seafoods while dressed as fishermen. Olivia and Mr. Hooper show off some dairy products at Hooper's Store. Lastly, Maria and Bob share a table for two in front of Oscar's trash can while singing about grains. Everyone gathers in the arbor for the grand finale and dig into their large feast.