Yves St. La Roache
PERFORMER Mak Wilson season 1
  John Eccleston seasons 2 & 3
DEBUT 1994

Yves St. La Roache is a character from The Animal Show. The puppet had previously been used as Jacques Roach on The Jim Henson Hour. His name is a nod to French designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Like Jacques, Yves has a French accent and a culinary bent. Many of the meals he prepares are ridiculous (like those of the Swedish Chef), such as a marmalade made with oranges, sugar, and gun powder, or a piano made entirely of meatballs. In other segments, Yves explains animal's eating habits (such as eating with tusks). Many of his demonstrations ended up with something falling on him, either from his own mistakes or from some omniscent presence. Among the items landing on his head outside his will are piles of dirt, cooking utensils and pots, and a horse.

Yves is very close to his mother, and in at least two of his segments has called her during the show.

Whenever Stinky insults him, Yves will always yell, "I'll get you for that, you little stinker!" or "Don't you dare say it, you little stinker!"

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