Zero penguin arbor ep 1624.jpg
PERFORMER Richard Hunt
DEBUT 1982

Zero is a penguin who appeared on Sesame Street during season 13, appearing in Episode 1619 through Episode 1625. Hailing from the South Pole, he comes to the street to visit his distant cousin Big Bird.

Zero loves the cold and fortunately visits the street just in time for a winter blizzard that strikes New York City. He takes up a temporary residence in Big Bird's nest area, constructing his own igloo. By the end of the arc of episodes, he decides to head back home when the weather gets warm and his igloo melts.


  • The Zero puppet was later used as Shivers the Penguin.
  • The original script for Zero's debut episode suggested the character was female. Subsequent scripts and the aired episodes instead portray the character as male.

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