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Zipje and Zopje are two story book characters created solely for the Dutch 'Bert & Ernie' record albums. Since they are referred to as fictional characters, who only appear in Bert's books, they never speak themselves. They are only talked about, usually by Bert, who loves to read about their adventures. Ernie on the other hand doesn't like Zipje and Zopje stories.

They are the title characters of the Zipje and Zopje story books, often given to Bert by his Uncle Rudolf. Being two adventurous pencils, they have the most exciting adventures. They were first mentioned on the 1981 album Bert en Ernie Vervelen Zich Nooit... They also have a cousin called Zapje, who's part of a Zipje and Zopje story read by Bert on Kerstfeest met Bert & Ernie.



Zipje and Zopje and their books are referred to on the following records:

Fictional story books

Zipje and Zopje story books that are mentioned by Bert and Ernie are:

  • Zipje en Zopje in Nieuw Zeeland (Zipje and Zopje in New Zealand)
  • Zipje en Zopje in het onweer (Zipje and Zopje in a thunderstorm)
  • Zipje en Zopje in de zon (Zipje and Zopje in the Sun)
  • Zipje en Zopje op de Noordpool (Zipje and Zopje at the North Pole)
  • Zipje en Zopje en de zingende bossen (Zipje and Zopje and the Singing Woods)
  • Zipje mist Zopje (Zipje Misses Zopje)
  • Zipje en Zopje in het land van de Bromtollen (Zipje and Zopje in the Land of the Hummingtops)
  • Zipje en Zopje in het bos (Zipje and Zopje in the Forest)
  • Zipje en Zopje en de wijde wereld (Zipje and Zopje and the Wide World)
  • Zipje en Zopje varen naar Amerika (Zipje and Zopje sail to America)
  • Zapje (Zapje)