Characters and alter-egos assumed by Zoe in Muppet productions.

Picture Role Production Notes
Princess Zoe - Two Princes
Zoe as the Princess Sesame Street, Two Princes Zoe as a princess.
Zoe as the Dormouse Abby in Wonderland Zoe's depiction of the Dormouse is just as afraid of cats as is her original storybook character.
Zoe as a bird Elmo's Musical Adventure: Peter and the Wolf Zoe in character from Peter and the Wolf.
4004scene2 2
Zoe as a pig Sesame Street
Episode 4004
Zoe pretends to be a pig with Rosita after deciding not wanting to pretend to be wolves to play Little Red Riding Hood.
Zoe as an angel Elmo's World: Happy Holidays Zoe appears as an angel in the Nativity pageant.
Zoe as a wolf Sesame Street
episode 4095
Elmo and Zoe dress up as wolves for their Big Bad Wolf auditions.
Zoe as a Pumpkin
Happy Halloween Day
Zoe Dresses up as a Pumpkin for Halloween in an introductary video.
Zoeceratops Super Morphin Mega Monsters A parody of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.