The evolution of Zoe.

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Sesame Street
With her debut in Season 25, Zoe is unclothed, with the exception of necklaces, bracelets and purple and red hairclips. She has big eyes and a flat head.
Sesame Street
Zoe’s eyelids are less slanted than before, and have smoother, thinner, darker brown rims. Also, her hair is slightly shorter.
Sesame Street
(2002 -2006)
Beginning in Season 33, Zoe's hair is a little bit longer with glittery highlights throughout. She is dressed in a tutu most of the time with tights and ballet slippers.
Sesame Street
Zoe now has smaller eyes and fuller, longer hair, developing pigtails. More color is added to her hair, such as pink and gold.
Sesame Street
For Season 40, Zoe is smaller -- using the puppet that was used in the 2008 video special Abby in Wonderland, in which Zoe played the Dormouse. This version of Zoe has smaller eyes and a thinner head. Her hair is short and spiked up. Her arms are very thin. This puppet was only utilized for one season; afterwards, the previous puppet was reinstated.
Sesame Street
As evidenced from behind the scenes photos taken during the taping of Season 49 in 2017, a few changes have been made to the Zoe puppet. The most prominent change is that she is unclothed again, returning to her pre-2002 appearance. She has more hair, which is less orange in color.