The evolution of Zoot.

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The Muppet Show
Season 1
The original Zoot puppet is exposed foam, blueish-gray with a light green nose.
The Muppet Show
Season 1
Late into the first season, Zoot's skin color becomes slightly yellowish-green.
Zoot ZeroMostel
The Muppet Show
Season 2
Zoot changes to light blue fleece skin and a yellow-green nose. He also starts wearing his hat all the time. (During the first season, the only times that he wore his hat were mainly during the At the Dance sketches and when he was performing with the Electric Mayhem.)
Zoot HarryBelafonte
The Muppet Show
Season 3
Debuting in Episode 314 of The Muppet Show and used the rest of the season, Zoot's skin color has changed to bright green and he's back to exposed foam.
His nose turns yellow for the remainder of The Muppet Show.
The Muppets Go Hollywood
Zoot's skin color changes to a darker blue color.
The Muppet Show
Season 5
Late into the fourth season, Zoot has a smaller hat than the previous version. Also, his hair is slightly shorter and Zoot's skin color changes back to a bright (and slightly paler) green color.
The Muppet Show
ending from mid-80s
Zoot has now changed to exposed foam forest green skin and has regained his hair length from the 1978-1979 version.
The Great Muppet Caper
Zoot's skin color changes back to a darker blueish-green color and his nose is yellow-green.
The Jim Henson Hour
Zoot changes back to blue fleece skin and a yellow nose. He now has gray hair and wears a gray/black spotted shirt and braces. His hair color has probably changed to avoid blue screen problems as most of the MuppeTelevision scenes have matted backgrounds.
The Muppet Christmas Carol
Zoot's hair changes back to blue. Complete with his not yellow-green, but dark yellow nose, he now closely resembles his Muppet Show Season 2 self. His costume and glasses are adjusted to match the contemporary setting for this appearance and his appearance in Muppet Treasure Island.
Muppets TV
For this French show, Zoot receives a facial makeover, now sporting a significantly smaller chin.
His hair also gets shorter, and he changes back into his signature attire from his Muppet Show days.
"Bohemian Rhapsody"
Zoot appears in a new outfit and less rounded shades, and with what appears to be longer, fuller hair.
The Muppets
Zoot has returned to his classic wear, though with updated, less rounded glasses. His hair also appears to be less curly than before. His nose is light green, similar to how it looked on The Muppet Show.
The Muppets (ABC)
Beginning with "The Ex-Factor," the puppet's mouth is altered to open wider.
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