Zork (a.k.a. Harvey Zork) is a green alien who appears in a number of skits on Sesame Street animated by Mike Christy, aka ArtistMike. The segments debuted in Season 21.


Picture Title / First Appearance Description
Zork on the Coast
Episode 2687
Zork lands on the coast of California, where he meets a slick agent.
Zork Visits Australia
Episode 2731
Zork lands in Australia and meets a kangaroo.
Zork Skis
Episode 2738
A St. Bernard dog (voiced by Danny Mann) leads Zork down the snowy hill.
Ring Toss
Episode 2761
Zork wants to play ring toss with a group of campers, who refuse to let him join in the game until their instructor (voiced by Mary Jo Catlett) reminds them to not be judgmental.
Picnic in Space
Episode 3785
Zork and his friend Marge Dinkle attempt to go on a picnic in space. She packs him a healthy lunch, but once they're out of Earth's atmosphere, the contents of the picnic basket get all over the inside of the spaceship.

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