DEBUT 1980

Zubin Beckmesser is leader of New York City's Metropolitan Opera who features in a Muppet News Flash segment in The Muppet Show episode 513. The Newsman reports that Beckmesser has been electrocuted when he absent-mindedly inserted his baton into an electrical outlet. According to doctors, he would have died instantly had he not been such a poor conductor.

Beckmesser is also a composer as well as a conductor. He wrote the song "Blow Your Own Horn", which was released on the faux 45 record, Songs from a Muppet... You've Never Heard Of (featured as a pack-in for the Lips action figure). Beckmesser passed conducting duties to Nigel as the song was recorded live at The Muppet Theatre.


  • His name is an amalgamation of noted conductor Zubin Mehta and Sixtus Beckmesser, a character from Richard Wagner's opera The Master Singers of Nuremberg.
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