Music by Joe Raposo
Lyrics by Luis Santeiro
Publisher Instructional Children's Music, Inc./Sesame Street Inc.
EKA Episode 2492

Zunzun is an upbeat Cuban-style song performed by Celia Cruz and Big Bird on Sesame Street. Joe Raposo and Luis Santiero copyrighted their arrangement of the song Sun Sun Babae, which was written by Rogelio Martinez in 1952 and has been recorded by numerous salsa artists.

Cruz notices that Big Bird is the biggest bird she's ever seen (Big Bird: "Funny, that's what a lot of people say."), and tells him that the smallest bird she's seen is a zunzun, named for the sound it makes. Celia and Big Bird then sing the "Zunzun" song together with two hummingbird puppets fluttering around them.